Alec Abbott

Born and raised in London, England, I spent the early years of my career developing expertise within the customer service and sales sectors. By age 19, I was successfully running a team of 100+ customer service agents in one of the biggest contact centres in the UK.

While I achieved success leading that team, it was the allure of travelling the world and the pursuit of new ventures that uprooted me from a place in which I felt comfortable to move on to the next chapter of my life and career. After years of travelling the world exploring various cultures and studying many of the word’s most notable cities, I landed back in Vancouver in 2015 with the intent to make it my home. I hit the ground running and built my own healthy meal preparation and delivery business out of a passion for food and fitness. This allowed me to improve the lives of many clients through my passion and expertise in health and wellness. It quickly grew to be one of the biggest meal preparation businesses in Vancouver. When I was presented with an appealing offer to purchase the business, I decided it was time to pursue the career that I had begun to realize would be right for me long term. I accepted the offer and dove head first into becoming a Realtor®.

My life experiences combined with my entrepreneurial background have given me the tools to provide a diverse and unique service within the real estate industry. Bringing a personable yet professional demeanour to every situation is how I create long-lasting relationships. This is built on trust, knowledge, and dedication to my clients.

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